Challenge Gold Coast

TreeTop Challenge

The Treetop Challenge

This challenge is all about getting you to face some of your most intense fears. Here, you witness Gold Coast’s sky-high greenery right at the top of them. It is an adventure which we guarantee that you will always remember. 

In the challenge, you get to experience a series of jaw-dropping adventures. Each one will see you gliding through the leafy embrace of many trees and fly over the unfriendly citizens of the wild. We also have a section for little kids where they can enjoy themselves.


Truly, the forests are wild and forbidding. But they also make a great sight when you do it right. Rather than leave you hiking with just your camera, a notebook, and some friends, this challenge turns it up by several notches. You witness what it is like to be suspended up on high with the forest floor several metres beneath your feet. In these scenarios, you bond and make personal connections with your friends. The moments of daring will also help you realise that your fears only live in your mind after all.


Buck’s Party

If you have been wondering about an unforgettable experience to give your friend who is just getting married, then the perfect idea is right in the treetops. You can get your friend suited in a funny costume and see him off into the trees. The outgoing bachelor will find himself swinging at heart-stopping heights and making hilarious noises he will always remember.

Our adventure park spans several acres of virgin forest land, and each stage will involve a new challenge. Our team of instructors will also be on hand to lead you through the motions at every point. For effect, we advise that you come with a camera.

Birthday Parties

A birthday should be an experience that every person, child or adult, should not forget quickly. To make your child’s birthday memorable, you can take them through our treetop challenges. We have a series of them to keep your child happy and excited.

As part of the challenge, you will be suspended from high places, climb ladders, dare yourself to balance on bridges, and manoeuvre from one set of ropes and wires to the next. Afterwards, you and your child can relax in our nature-themed relaxation spot, singing birthday songs and slicing big cakes. Instructors will help to see that your child scales through each challenge with the ultimate level of safety and fun.


We are not shy of taking people on in bands. School excursions will see students confronting their inner fears and doing courageous things. The students will be teamed up into groups where they are supportive of each other as the challenge goes on.

They will learn to form new bonds and find out interesting things about the other person. You can inspire teamwork and people skills in your students by bringing them to our park for the treetop challenge. At the end of it, you end up with breathless youngsters who have just done something they will remember for ages.