Challenge Gold Coast

Skypoint climb

Sightseeing From A Great Height

The sky point climb is undoubtedly an exhilarating way to see the Gold Coast from the high places. You get to observe the city’s sleeping and waking moments from an extremely tall building, the tallest structure in the area. Here, you climb several metres into the sky to witness one of the most breathtaking scenes you will never forget. 

Daytime Climb

The daytime climb is tailored to occur within the bright time of the day. During this period, you see sunrays mingling with the atmosphere of the Gold Coast. In every direction, you have the best view of the city. The Skypoint climb gives you the most enriched observation quality on the Gold Coast. 

Night Climb

This time is when you get one of the most brilliant views of the Gold Coast. At night the city comes to life with home lights and the coloured brightness of streetlamps all over the highways. The nighttime glory will leave you dazzled and willing to just see more.

Twilight Climb

If you are a great fan of poetic sunsets, then here is the best view you can get of one. Climb the sky point to watch the sun recede into its enclaves in the cloud. At this time, you are guaranteed to witness a slow withdrawal of sunrays at the best place you can see them from.

Preparations to Make Before Hand 

Before climbing the sky point, we must inform you that it is not an average activity. Critical to doing it safely and carefully is ensuring that you are healthy enough to do the climb. You must have a level of physical fitness.

You also should be certain that you do not face any health condition that can hinder your ability to do a successful climb. These conditions would include pain in the joints, visual impairment, cardiovascular conditions, back injuries, and a host of others. Your safety is always the priority we take before we let you go on a climb.

Similarly, you should be dressed in inappropriate clothing for the expedition. Your footwear must be completely enclosed. You should not be fitted in sandals or any item that will leave your toes exposed. Running or hiking shoes are ideal in this regard.

You also must be free of alcohol before taking the climb. Having alcohol in your blood will pose a lot of risks and is not advisable. To ensure that you stick to this rule, a blood alcohol test will be conducted, and where you exceed the benchmark, you will be disallowed from the climb.

Additionally, you must also be aware that you will not have access to any relief facilities during the climb. This will include seating or water, even toilet facilities. 

We will disqualify you from climbing if you are shown to have some health condition that will affect your body system’s full functionality. Where you have balance problems, injuries to the back or joints, suffering from shortness of breath, or even carrying a pregnancy beyond 20 weeks old, you will not be permitted to do the climb.