Challenge Gold Coast

Raw Challenge

The Raw Challenge 

The Raw Challenge at Gold Coast is your fantasy of extreme sport coming to life. The challenge is unabashed in exposing you to some of the normally awkward but fun situations you would certainly love. It will feature a dynamic range of competitors from all over Australia to hit an extreme personal target. Fun fact? You really will get dirty.


The event is open to just about everyone. People from the age of 11 years and upwards can participate. Younger people, though, will participate in a watered-down, less demanding version of the sports. Some cases will also require supervision by adults.


We will have our first aid personnel on the ground to ensure that everyone is safe. We will also have drones surveilling the area to keep an eye on people’s status. For additional insurance, you can equip yourself with an ambulance service before starting.

We also advise that while there will be water for use along the way, you come with your containers for access when you need them. Physical fitness is also recommended to help you get through each challenge. On swimming, you need to be quite capable of executing several meters without assistance. In situations where you just do not feel up to it, kindly bypass an obstacle and move to the next.


We want to keep everyone completely safe and free of the virus. This event has been carefully mapped so that no one comes into contact with the disease. You must observe social distancing regulations at all times during the competition.

Also, participants need to provide honest information on their movements in the days leading up to the challenge. It is found that a person’s temperature is above normal; the competitor will have to participate another day. Before gaining entry, the ticket will be checked and rechecked to ensure that all the correct details are in the right places. Where there is no ticket, entrance will be denied.


We have dozens of youth obstacle games available for you to blaze your way through. They involve swimming through natural water bodies, slushing through mud, climbing tall towers, lifting heavy objects while you walk, picking your way through annoying ropes, tumbling down slippery slopes, and a long list that you will enjoy.


The Gold Coast, where the event is located, is a well-known place of many means. While it was named Gold Coast for its tourist infrastructure’s high prices back in the day, it is a golden spot where interesting natural features converge.

In this one place, you will find winding tracks and lush green forests. On the beach, you get to witness the magic that can be created when sunlight strikes the deep blue sea. Journeying down here is certain to be more than just the challenge but a creamy topping of nature’s artwork to go with it. You are sure to never run out of excitement, either on the course or out of it.