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Kokoda Challenge

The Kokoda Challenge 

The Kokoda Challenge is one tough event where you get to mix charity with the sport. It is designed to push you beyond your mental and physical limits. The idea of this event is backed by Kokoda, an organisation that works to raise funds for developing kids to their maximum potential. You can contribute to this goal by participating in the challenge.


The challenge has different levels of difficulty. Age requirements are based on how difficult a segment of the course will be.

To participate in the 96-kilometre section, the competitor has to be a minimum of 15 years of age. For someone participating in the 48km section, the minimum age is 13 years or turning 13 in the year the event is taking place is required.

Equally, for the 30km, the participant has to be a minimum of 10 years old or is turning 10 in the year of the event. And for the 15 km segment, the participant needs to be at least nine years or must be turning nine during the year the event takes place. 


This intensive endurance testing exercise is particular about getting people to work together to achieve a purpose. This is why the challenge will be not be done on an individual level but with people working as teams, each team having four members. The teammates will support each other along the way and encourage themselves until they both reach the ending together.

We have also made it easier and a whole new kind of experience by having a community page to meet different people. Here, you gain access to other hikers who might be willing to team up and win the competition.


Having a support crew on the ground while you soldier on is an excellent way to gain motivation. Your support crew can provide you with a set of fresh clothes, give you new pairs of shoes, food, and water. When you feel down and unable to go any further, your crew will supply that noise of encouragement that reawakens you. The fun thing here is that there is no limit to the number of people who can be in your crew at any particular point in time.


For your team to participate in this competition, you need to have raised a minimum benchmark of some money. We developed the challenge to support our teenagers’ lives, who will go on to become functional people in society. 


The challenge is a test for the strongest and most persistent. It will take an extra level of motivation to keep walking the 96 kilometres available. In this course, you will get to bring all your determination to the fore.

The endurance test will also be about more than just one person; it will have a lot to do with the entire team. This is why teams exist, even when they don’t know each other. The endurance walk can very much be easier and more companionable with people on both sides.