Challenge Gold Coast

Gold Coast Skydive

The Gold Coast Skydive

The skydive is an awesome avenue to see all that is beautiful on the Gold Coast from high up in a parachute’s straps. You can get a fun and exciting experience gliding over the breathtaking landscape of the Gold Coast. Even more, you can record amazing pictures and videos of your experience.

We will take you through the skydive, strapped to an instructor. This will give you time to inhale all the inspiring components of free fall while our expert helps you land safely. From 12000 feet, you launch into the air and find your way back to earth with screams and a bird’s eye view of our awesome landscape. At that height, you witness the Gold Coast in all its natural glory.

Before you go up, an instructor will lead you through skydiving essentials to help strengthen your trip’s confidence. Training will involve mock-up exercises of skydiving. You will also get to feel what it is like to be kitted in diving gear, how to deploy your chute as well as controlling it for gliding. Watch out, though; the moment before you take an actual jump from the plane could be terrifying. Your nerves will threaten you, but taking that final jump will be worth it. 

Of the twelve thousand feet, you will free fall for more than seven thousand before you deploy your chute for the rest of the trip. This is where you get the true rewards of making your jump. You glide slowly through the skies and towards the scenic beaches of the Gold Coast. What better way to describe this if not fulfilling.

To help you with any fears you may have, what you will be doing as a novice skydiver is a tandem jump. You will do the tandem jump in sync with a professional skydiving instructor. You can put your mind at rest as everything is organised with proper risk assessments and safety standards. The equipment used is also very modern and is periodically tested and retested for any slips.

Health Status

Before you can skydive, you do not necessarily have to be physically fit. It is not exerting in that way. If there are concerns about your health, speaking to your doctor would be a good way to determine if you can skydive. 


In a bid to keep everyone safe and healthy during the skydives, you must book an appointment before we can take you on the sport. Showing that you also have negative COVID-19 test results will also be highly appreciated. 

Equipment and Outfits 

A skydive is not a formal event. You won’t need to be collared up or dressed in buttoned clothes. For skydiving in Gold Coast, all you need are comfortable athletic wear. You also should not come in sandals or any other footwear that leaves your toes or part of your feet exposed. Ideally, putting in tennis shoes or other lace-up shoes is needed for any jump variant that you will be doing.

Also, you will be decked out in a pair of goggles for the duration of the jump. This will protect your eyes from the effects of the wind. You can wear the goggles over contact lenses or your pair of glasses.