Challenge Gold Coast

Gold Coast Marathon

The Gold Coast Marathon

This marathon is one of the fun events offered by the beautiful location called the Gold Coast. The event is open to people who are over the age of 18. The distance to be covered is just a tad bit over forty kilometres.

Virtual Training Run

It just isn’t fair when you come to a marathon feeling like you can’t do it already. To keep you primed for action, we have organised virtual training runs for you to prepare ahead. With the runs divided into two segments, you can run your race at your own pace and time it yourself. Timing will be done using a software app. Afterwards, you can log your results into the portal and get the competitive muscles flexing ahead of time.

Resources for the Training

It is all about you, but this is also why we will help you with it. Before the competition, you can access some of our resources tailored to urge you along. First on the list is our ASICS Runkeeper software which you can use to schedule your training times and goals. The app can work on both desktop and mobile and help you keep track of your preparedness. 


As this is something you will surely need when you courageously huff through the marathon, we have prepared it so you can have it earlier. You can reach out to our experts, who will provide you with professional nuggets on keeping your morale while running. You can also access our tips on how to set a running goal and stick to it. Whichever way you choose to have it, you can be sure that we won’t let you do it alone.


Similarly, we have not forgotten your meals either. Ahead of the race week, we have compiled guidelines that are solidly based on expert recommendations. These concern the kind of food you eat before such a major racing activity. You will also find tips on how to stay hydrated during the run.

Preventing an Injury

Surely, spraining your ankle or falling face down is not a rosy idea, even in ordinary cases. When you have a competition, you can’t dare to think of it. This is why we have also prepared guides for you to stay injury-free and in top shape during your training routine. We want to ensure before, during, and after the competition of the event are safe periods for you.


To arrive early for the competition, you need to be aware of the mode of transport you will be taking. To get to the precinct, you have the option of using a taxi, shuttle bus, drive, and park, or a charter boat. Anyone you decide on will depend on the location you are visiting from. However, kindly ensure that you arrive an hour before the competition.

Start Zone

To keep things organised and orderly for everyone’s benefit, we have implemented start zones. The start zone is essentially the take-off point for each person. It is indicated on your race number. To avoid disqualification, please stay inside your start zone.