Challenge Gold Coast

Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

The Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

The Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge aims to bring everyone in the cycling community, regardless of their skill level, into the same competition. It is a 100km sport that will run through traffic-free highways. Along the way, there will be places for competitors to stop for a break.


We understand that COVID-19 has certainly disrupted life and all we know of how it worked. This challenge has been specially arranged with the pandemic in mind. Right till the end of the event, we have put safety measures to protect everyone from the disease. However, we also have some genius ideas for ensuring it is nothing less of the fire we all want.

Break Your Limits

The cycling challenge will push you to the very limits of your cycling abilities. Under immense consumption of energy, we put you to the test of reaching the finish line. Even more, you will be squaring off against people of diverse biking talents. You will witness this firsthand, and even in the face of doubts, you get to keep cycling because others are not stopping either. Here, you really will know how familiar you are with your bike and how far it can take you.

Team Spirit

In the challenge, there will be people from different places who just want fun as well. And when the going gets tough, each person gets to create new friendships with the next person as they support each other to the finish line. As you sign up, you really should brace to find out just how wide the appeal of cycling is. You will interact with people from many regions in Australia whom you would otherwise not have met.

Cycling for Health 

The challenge is more than just a competition in itself. It is also about helping people to cope with various diseases. By joining in the challenge, you get to exercise your muscles and other parts of your body, strengthening your resistance to diseases. 


To ensure that everything goes smoothly and without interruption, there are volunteers all along the way to assist in setting things up. Queensland police officers will also help to see that the event goes through excellently. You can rest assured that you will find an awesome setup when you join us in the challenge.


The weather when this challenge will take place is nice and ideal for a sport of that nature. You can come along with your light jackets for protection against the elements, just in case.


The challenge will start from highways down to streets to make it all the more exciting. The route has some interesting twists to it that you are sure to find entertaining. You will pass through Brisbane’s suburban and urban areas, meander through tunnels, and pass challenging places. Equally, traffic will not be around to bother you at the start of your journey. As you cruise the streets on your bike, there will also be controlled, slow-moving traffic at some points.