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Gold Coast Marathon

This marathon is one of the fun events offered by the beautiful location called the Gold Coast. The event is open to people who are over the age of 18. The distance to be covered is just a tad bit over forty kilometres.

Raw Challenge

The Raw Challenge at Gold Coast is your fantasy of extreme sport coming to life. The challenge is unabashed in exposing you to some of the normally awkward but fun situations you would certainly love.

Kokoda Challenge

The Kokoda Challenge is one tough event where you get to mix charity with the sport. It is designed to push you beyond your mental and physical limits. The idea of this event is backed by Kokoda, an organisation that works to raise funds for developing kids to their maximum potential.

Treetop Challenge

This challenge is all about getting you to face some of your most intense fears. Here, you witness Gold Coast’s sky-high greenery right at the top of them. It is an adventure which we guarantee that you will always remember. 

Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

The Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge aims to bring everyone in the cycling community, regardless of their skill level, into the same competition. It is a 100km sport that will run through traffic-free highways. Along the way, there will be places for competitors to stop for a break.


Gold Coast Skydive

The skydive is an awesome avenue to see all that is beautiful on the Gold Coast from high up in a parachute’s straps. You can get a fun and exciting experience gliding over the breathtaking landscape of the Gold Coast. Even more, you can record amazing pictures and videos of your experience.

Paradise Jet Boating

People who are in for a thrill are on the constant lookout for it. To help them, we are bringing this out where everyone can see it. Paradise Jet Boating is a super thrilling event where you get to witness some of the most exciting manoeuvres in the boating world.

Sunset Safaris

Going on a sunset safari is one of the ideal ways to experience the Gold Coast’s personality intimately. This region is a place that is well known for its beauty and is even sometimes called the fun capital of Australia.

Skypoint Climb

The sky point climb is undoubtedly an exhilarating way to see the Gold Coast from the high places. You get to observe the city’s sleeping and waking moments from an extremely tall building, the tallest structure in the area.

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Our activities are tailored to help a wide range of people within society. However, we recognise that we cannot do it alone. As such, we are looking for individuals interested in volunteering with us to achieve the success of our events and challenges. 


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